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The Workshop

We have a plan to fight Fast Fashion for good. 

We design new stuff.

You crowdfund them and save 20%.

Together we fight overproduction.

The planet wins. 


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Frequently asked questions

The Workshop is our own crowdfunding platform for new launches.

We imagine new products and launch them on our crowdfunding
plateforme. Customers have up to 4 weeks to pre-order at a preferred price (-20%). Products that reach
their funding goal are produced and delivered.

By participating in the Workshop, you help bring Bleu Nomade designs to life. You also get a 20% discount off retail price, which is pretty cool, right?

When a product is successfully launched after the funding period, the estimate delivery date
ranges between 4 to 8 weeks. Delays can occur but if it happens, you will be updated accordingly.

You pay at checkout, during the funding campaign.

In that case, we will get in touch with you and tell you if the product will be launched anyway or if we will proceed to a total refund.